Recent Before & After Photos

Foundation Wall Damage - House Secured in Oskaloosa

This foundation wall was damaged during a storm in Oskaloosa.  The wall was pushed off the foundation.  We came right away and built a temporary wall ... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Affected by Water in Cedar Rapids

This commercial carpet in the stairwell of a Cedar Rapids Business was affected by a water line that broke.  We came in and quickly removed the excess wate... READ MORE

Sewer Back Up in Lucas Iowa

This basement in Lucas Iowa was affected by sewer loss. Sewer water backed up the floor drain.  We removed the excess water and removed any materials that ... READ MORE

Mold Mitigation

When mold is present in a structure it is necessary to run air scrubbers and seal the structure. These pictures show after finishing hepa vacuuming the structur... READ MORE

Mold Before and After in West Branch

We are licensed and trained to do mold mitigation. We come in and take the necessary tests before beginning work. We follow the proper safety precautions for th... READ MORE

Drying Water Damage In Commercial Space

We have the equipment to be able to dry commercial spaces after a water intrusion.  These pictures show a commercial area when first arrived after a water ... READ MORE

Silver Plate Cleaned After Fire Damage

This silver plate was heavily affected after a fire. You can see the smoke and soot damage.  We cleaned this plate by dry wiping the loose soot from the pl... READ MORE

Roof Repairs in Dallas, IA

We were contacted by the homeowner after a strong wind storm came through regarding his roof.  When arriving on the scene we found that the ridge vent had ... READ MORE

Containment set up to create a sealed drying environment

This picture shows a door way sealed with a containment system so that the equipment used to dry the area would work at its peak performance.  We sealed of... READ MORE

Board Up Following Lightening Damage

This board up was done in Tipton, IA, following a lightening strike in the middle of the night that hit the side of the house and blew the propane regulator on ... READ MORE